Focusing tips

I need help on focusing with flights cuz its way to difficult

What do you mean by focusing on flights?

If you are “burnt out” or “don’t have motivation to fly” - step away from Infinite Flight for a bit and come back when you feel like flying again.

Focusing as in like not exiting out in the middle of the flight

Is there a reason why you tend to quit mid-flight?

Go do something else during the flight instead of sitting there staring at the device.

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Try maybe doing short hauls! These flights tend to give you more motivation! Keep the long hauls for the night, that’s my advice

What I tend to do is fly a route long enough so that during cruise I can focus on other productive tasks until it’s time to begin my descent! :)


Boredom, i do listen to music but its not enough

Any flight routes and tasks you recommend

I do short hauls lmao i cant last an hour

Well, that can get you good landing counts lol

There are so many routes that you could fly. Head over to this thread for suggestions!


Maybe try these:

Studying for school / other things


Doing daily chores

Spend time with family members

Don’t make Infinite Flight your whole life go and socialise and when coming to do another flight you will be more motivated.

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What do you do during flights.

I never end up landing 💀

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I like tailoring the experience to my needs. Not always doing long haul flights and not always on ES. You have a life to live. So if you’re feeling like not focusing as seriously, why not go to CS for example? The nice thing about CS and TS is you still get credit for flying time and landing.

You can still fly seriously on CS and TS, but can be more relaxed about descents for example (CS), if there is a personal life confllict that comes up (dinner time, fatigue etc.).

When you want serious procedures and can secure the time, spice it up with ES. When you’re not likely to be at your peak, for whatever reason (sleepy etc.), but still want to fly, go to the other servers.

I just believe it’s important to tailor the experience to your needs rather than the other way around. You have the right to control the experience according to your own terms.

There’s sometimes a case to be made that ES could be done more in pieces and over time, rather than full on for most flights.

I don’t know if this applies to you. But it is some of the thoughts that have occurred to me to keep it interesting.

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