Focus on Land and quality and weather

This game is so realistic but what bugs me the most is LAND QUALITY! I see roads going right into the ocean and blurry buildings, screenshots make it look like I’m taking a very blurry land picture! The other thing is clouds and rain for weather! This annoys me that there is only turbulence and wind control only, COME ON! You creators of the game know better! I have been playing this game for years and I never seen weather and land improvement! Please fix these things and take your time as I want this game to be better than areofly, Thank You for your support!

Welcome to the community. If this is a features request please make a singular topic for them. Please also search before making a topic as we don’t really like duplicates. Also you need to be a trust level 2 to post features request. If you need any help, contact any regular or Mod and Im sure they will be happy to help.


I can’t promise anything but I think the devs are going to change the look of the terrain in IF.


New terrain is in the works.