Focke Wulf Fw 190D-11 170933? "Red 4" Platzschutzschwarm JV 44.

PLEASE, READ THIS BEFORE: Any insignia portrayed here is shown in a historical context, I do not endorse any activities between both sides of WWII.
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This Fw 190D-11 is believed to have been acquired by JV 44 from the Verbandfürerschule General der Jagdflieger (General of Fighters Unit Leaders School) based at Bad Wörishofen, not far from Munich. This unit was disbanded on April 27, 1945, and it seems that the aircraft made it to Riem just days before the elements of JV 44 transferred to Salzburg, Ainring and Innsbruck.
It appears that the aircraft´s upper surfaces have been finished in an overall RLM 75 grey, or even RLM 77 light grey, and then oversprayed in mottle of RLM 82 and/or RLM 83. Like the other aircraft in the Platzschutzschwarm, “Red 4” had unevenly applied white stripes painted over red undersides, and carried a black and white quartered square enclosed by a red circle on the fuselage beneath the cockpit. Visible beneath the tactical “Red 4” is the “White Chevron 58” of its previous operator. The nose section of the spinner was painted yellow, with the rear section in black, and according to recent research, the Werk Nummer was in white. The pilots personal motto was “Der nächte Herr dieselbe Dame! (The next Man the same Woman!)”.


“Osprey Publishing Aviation Elite Units: Jagdverband 44 Squadron of Experten”

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