Focke-Wulf Fw-190

One of my favorite WWII aircraft that should be a must do in IF!

I like the spiral spinner on it.

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I would vote on it but I have run out of votes, I might remove a vote to give you one


Can we know a bit more about the plane? How fast does it go? How far does it go?

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It was used in WW2 in Germany. I was their best fighter throughout the war. It was just as good as a P-51 mustang.

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Its max speed is 426mph

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But I’d say the FW-190 is a cool plane, and it’s be pretty cool with the Messerschmitts.


I would absolutely love to see this in IF(as well as a couple other warbirds). This is my favorite aircraft of WW2. You have my vote

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I voted too

They should add dogfighting mode to IF

Implementing that will require a lot of work including the missiles, smoke effects, particle effects and lighting effects. Not to mention the explosions in which need the sound.

Thats what DCS and War Thunder are for

This needs a bump, too !

Absolutely love this sound 👀

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