FNLU-LPPT // Boeing B777-200ER // Taag Angola Airlines

Flight Details

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 7 hours and 50 minutes
 Plane: Boeing B777-200ER (Taag Angola 
 Airlines Livery)

@Andy_R (A-NR1) and @Ecoops123 (Angola 650 Heavy at the ramp at Luanda Airport!

A-NR1 crossing runway 25, while Angola 650 heavy is taxiing to runway 23.

A-NR1 rolling, while Angola 650 heavy lining up and waiting for departure!

A-NR1 blasting out of Luanda Airport!

A-NR1 enjoying the sceneries of Algeria!

A-NR1 touchdown at Lisbon Airport!

A-NR1 and Angola 650 Heavy at the ramp, while @Chris_Hoss (I F A E Eleven) taxiing to parking!

A-NR1 at the ramp.

I achieved my smoothest landing I have ever done in a flight!


Nice Shots Andy!! 😍

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Thank you soo much @Alex_E!

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Holy crap! -6fpm on the landing. Woah! I don’t believe what I’m seeing lmao. Very good pictures and geez I’m shocked.


Thank you soo much @Liam06!

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Nice photos, and congratulations for you ultra-buttery landing! You are now part of the “smoothest landings” club!


Thank you soo much @Philippe_Gilbert!

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