FNLU GPS approach yesterday (my bad)

Yesterday I had FNLU approach open for over 3 hours. Part way into the session, tower asked if I could put some planes on 25 as the 23 back taxi and a constant backlog of planes crossing 25 was becoming problematic.

I decided to use a single line and alternate planes between 23 and 25. This would open up spacing for 23 while allowing me to close up spacing in the air. The feedback from tower was positive so it went that way for a few hours at least.

I was using GPS approaches for 25 and ILS for 23. It was my mistaken understanding that if GPS was available to me as an approach controller, that there were fixes down the localizer. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, so there was no way you could create a quick flightplan down the localizer for use with GPS in NAV.

Everyone flew the approach down 25 without incident so I applaud the pilots that handled that difficult situation. This may be changing soon, but from now on I won’t be specifying GPS approaches.


I little more background…

When this release first came out, I questioned how we were to shoot a GPS approach. I was informed by a few more knowledgeable people than myself that if an airport has a GPS approach that there will be fixes on the approach. I took that to mean if the GPS approach is available to the approach controller that there will be fixes you can use to fly the approach.

What they meant was in real life when a GPS approach is available, there will be fixes on the approach. Not all airports have approved GPS approaches, as there may be obstacles or Multipath radio issues or the lack of ground based correction stations in the area. In IF, all airports are drawn with localizers, which is where my train went off the tracks.


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