FNLU-FYWH in a Comair 738

Hi everyone,
Just did a short 2 hour flight from Luanda in Angola to Hosea Kutako in Namibia. Haven’t flown in Africa for a long time, I could get used to such awesome scenery! There was a bit of traffic at Luanda, with a few 772s and a B738, but ATC ensured all of us were off the ground in the fastest possible time without intefering with each other. Cheers to the IFATC team for making every flight better and more realistic :)

Flight information
Server: Expert
Callsign: Comair 880
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Locations: Luanda, Windhoek
Time: approx 0400Z to 0630Z

Comair and South African Boeing 737, as well as an Angolan 772 spawned in in Luanda international airport

Backtaxiing runway 07 in order to cross to runway 23 while the other 2 aircraft hold short

South African on takeoff roll while I hold short of runway 23

Angolan 772 lining up on runway 07 while I start my takeoff roll

Blasting out of Luanda, I’ve been handed off by tower to contact approach, with 2 hours of flight time ahead of me

Entered Namibian airspace with Uib airport off my left wing, managed to catch one of the lights on my wing as it was flashing

Landed in Windhoek Airport, where an Angolan B737 was holding short of the runway patiently for me. Appreciate that such players exist in Infinite Flight and I hope that more people would show the same amount of courtesy and professionalism when flying in all the servers :)

As I vacated the active runway in Windhoek, the Angolan 737 had finished its backtaxi and was rotating off the runway, bound for Luanda Airport, where I had just come from

Here’s a better shot of the Angolan 737 departing!

I hope you have enjoyed this little collage of pictures from my flight earlier this afternoon, and thank you for taking the time to look through my post :) Cheers!



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thanks so much!

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Hey! Nice pictures indeed, I really like them! Just one thing, before you post another one of these topics, it would be better quality if you took a screenshot in replay mode, to ensure much higher quality, just a tip if you’d like. ;)

Other than that, great photos. ;)

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thank you!

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No worries! ;)

I think that’s me in the TAAG 777 in the first couple pictures I was behind a SAA 737

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Nice to see you! Why did you have a virgin callsign on a TAAG T7 though?

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Because I forgot to change it until mid-flight lmao - its something I do a lot

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oh i see haha

Hello, nice pictures! I’ve already flown to FYWH with Comair once (in IF) and I like the scenery around the airport.

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nice! loved the scenery too