FNF with the IF Community

Hope you all are doing well! As you may or may not know, today was the Parisian FNF, courtesy of @TRDubh. I was able to spend an hour and a half manning the ground station at Charles de Gaulle, and wanted to share this special FNF with you.

A timelapse of ground control isn’t as mesmerizing as approach or tower, so I instead decided to see how many IFC members I could spot during my session. Please let me know if you have any feedback; I’d love to hear it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

All images were taken on the Expert server, between 2350Z and 0120Z. Images edited with Adobe Photoshop Express.

Starting us off is @NiharG, about to touch down on 27L

We now shoot over to the terminal near the 26s, where @Tsumia can be seen on the right. Dilly Dilly sits on the left and an AF 77W is in the middle, completing this Skyteam-only shot.

As we head towards the departure end of the runway, more IFC members appear. Right in front is @contrailer, with @HerrMrSir in the superjumbo right behind him. @Bruno_Palma (A359) is fourth in line, and @ViperSlam brings up the rear in his Cathay 74.

Enough with 26R – let’s head over to 27L where @Stef_Smet is lifting off in his 737. He’s currently overflying @Philippe_Gilbert, whose Lufthansa A320 seems to be levitating…

This was taken at the very end of my session. I snuck behind @Wesleyhenrich’s main gear to get a shot of @Luke_Sta deploying his reversers while landing on 26L.

@jet_centric can be seen making the long trek from the 26 terminal area all the way to 27L. Behind his engine #1 is @Pilot_Future, getting ready to go.

Dual-IFATC shot: @Ethan_Hansen in the AF A320 is having a showdown with @PlaneCrazy (A359). Oblivious to the drama, a 777 with the Skyteam livery shoots off of 26R.

Finishing us off is @Robertine, rotating off of 26R. This was his second attempt (not really sure what happened with the first one, maybe N31LN can explain). ;)

Thanks for bearing with me! If I missed you, I’m sorry. Hopefully I’ll get you in a future post. Happy flying, everybody!


Great Shots!

I am N31LN and When I was lining up for takeoff during the first attempt, I had some chores to do, and when I came back, my IPad turned off :)

Sorry I was a problem :(


Could I use your pic of me as a background pic for my phone and IPad?

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Very epic.


Beautiful photos man, this FNF was awesome! Thanks for the catch!


Great shots TG! Love those 350s. :)

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No worries! I didn’t mind at all, it was nice to see you. And of course you may use it if you want!

@TRDubh Thanks for organizing! ;)

@PlaneCrazy Much appreciated!

@MrMrMan You’re too kind. Thanks for helping out with app! :)


Thanks for spotting me! I flew 3 flights into the FNF today so I also saw a bunch of people.

I’m glad that I was able to finally land the A350 well, but I landed 1 and a half hours behind schedule 😂👀

Thanks again for the spot!

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Really wish I could have attended this weeks FNF but due to personal reasons I wasn’t able to, now really nice shots mate, I really wish that the other players aircraft appeared in full quality and not the lowered quality.

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i always love these "IF spotting’’ threads, so cool seeing so many IFC users!

Great photos as well mate, love the last one.

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That is a very nice idea an you made beautiful pictures.😍

@Philippe_Gilbert next time I will join again😉


Very nice photo 👍 Well done my friend @TaipeiGuru

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Nice one @TaipeiGuru!
Been doing some prep work for a group flight all the way to LA.

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Great shots!
But It’s a pity that you didn’t notice me. I was there

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@Luke_Sta Glad to have caught you 1/3, then!

@Qantas094 That’s a shame. I do agree, it would have been a lot better if the other aircraft were higher quality, but alas…

@Commander_kiwi I remember seeing you, sorry for not getting a pic. Thanks for coming, though!

@NJ24 Thank you!

@CrisY Xie xie ;)

@Tsumia Much obliged!

@Captain_Awerty Thanks! Tried to get everyone that I remember, but you must have slipped my mind. Hopefully next time!


Haha thanks for capturing me 😆

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Thanks for coming!

Chinese!!! 不客气and不客氣🤣👍

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