FNF tomorrow: Dash 8 arrival

How do Dash 8s arrive from the east for FNF at KSFO? The MOD9 STAR tat’s marked on the TFR requires 280kts at FL210 which is above the speed limit in the dash 8, but the actual star chart I have does not show a restriction until 11000.

Stick with the cruising speed until the spd restriction

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So maintain highest practical speed?

The thing about NOTAMs is that the person writing it can specify whatever speed they want. You must have the performance in able to follow it. You need to cross at 280knts.

Crossing restriction – A directive issued or published by air traffic control that instructs the pilot to cross a given waypoint at a specified altitude, and sometimes at a specified airspeed.

So Dash 8s are not allowed to take MOD9?
More legit question, what’s the leniency for crossing restrictions? Like will I be risking a ghost if I’m like 300ft too high for a waypoint or 5 kts too fast

There’s of course room for some error. It’s aim is to organize the traffic before contact and lighten the controller’s workload.


The purpose of the restrictions is to have aircraft somewhat close to those limits, you are fine if you are let’s say 1,000ft higher or maybe 20-30knots faster/slower. The purpose is to avoid the FL280s at a place that the A/C should be at FL140.


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