FNF to the Northernmost Commercial Airport

I do apologize that this is only going out now but I still thought I’d show you my pictures from Friday’s flight. Shoutout to @ToasterStroodie for doing this flight with me. We decided to fly to Longyearbyen and by the title yes that’s the northernmost commercial airport.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: 737-800
Airline: SAS
Registration: LN-RGA
Flight Time: (ENGM-ENTC) 1:32, (ENTC-ENSB) 1:24

Me and @ToasterStroodie spawned into gates 12 and 14 at Oslo during a gate hold.

Smooth takeoff from runway 1R. A Norwegian 737-800 taxiing for the runway destination (unknown)

@ToasterStroodie passing by as we head north.
Stunning Norwegian landscape from out the window

Making the last min bank turn into runway 19 in Tromsø

Beginning our decent with some beautiful scenery

Made it safely to Longyearbyen and I had a buttery landing as well to top it off. Hope everyone enjoyed.

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Let me know which was your favorite picture.


Oops accidentally voted lol.

Nice photos, but that poll is a rating pile, not a multiple choice :)

My bad let me go fix the poll sorry.

Nice pictures! Looks like a lot a great scenery!

The only negative to northern Norway is that there’s no terrain.

Yeah, I bet. Would like, just none left :)

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cough 1000ft Vertical & Horizontal.

But seriously, great pictures.

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Cool pic good job

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Wow, these are cool!

is Oslo the northernmost? I thought Barrow was the northernmost for the world. Scream at me if I’m wrong tho :)


Nice shots of a very unique region!

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I’m gonna hijack this thread with a few pics of my own from that flight so I don’t have to create a whole other thread for the same flight.

We vibin’

@Tyler_Barley parked up with @RitzRegis as I butter the bread.

We vibin’ at Tromsø.

Cleared for takeoff.

And touchdown at Longyearbyen.