FNF To Los Angeles; Includes Beautiful Moon Shots!

G’day all, today was my final Friday night flight until I get another subscription. It wasn’t that busy when I first spawned in but I didn’t care as I was enjoying all the inbound traffic and just flying. As always the pictures aren’t edited in any way and are straight from the game.

I was on the Expert Server flying from Toronto to Los Angeles with the Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER, I have changed the time in the pictures to make them look better but when I was flying I was changing between noon and current time.


The first cab off the rank is a shot you don’t see often it’s me at the gate waiting for the passengers to board with the Moon in the foreground.


A powerful climb out of Toronto with a beautiful full Moon in the background ground.


Banking to the west while continuing with a powerful climb and the Moon in the background.


Banking over Denver while en route to Los Angeles.


Flying over the famous Grand Canyon soon starting descent into Los Angeles.


And finally a smoothie of a landing at Los Angeles to finish off a very enjoyable and scenic flight. This was my final FNF until I buy my next subscription.

I really hope you enjoyed the pictures. I know all of you new members on the forum are probably wondering how he got the Moon shots so I have linked @DeerCrusher’s Moon shot tutorial below.

What picture was your favourite?

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Moon Shot Tutorial by Deercrusher

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very nice! I like the 2nd picture

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I would vote for them all mate they are amazing! 😍


Thanks @Ondrejj and @Ecoops123, my favourites the first one.


I just like the second fir the pure gear up moon shot combination

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And by ‘until you get another subscription’, you mean as soon as it runs out, right?

Jokes aside, those are some extremely beautiful pictures! Great work!

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Thanks mate, my subscription actually ends on the 22nd of July.