FNF | TNCM (suggestions)

Hey IF pro User!

I know there have already been topics on “which FNF would you like to have?”, I don’t know if Saint Martin Princess Juliana Int’l was in FNFnce but I haven’t attended yet and I think it would be wonderful to discover the beautiful landscapes of the Caribbean at an airport that would be very hard managed if there was high traffic in the sky and on the ground with half turns at the end of runway 28.
This airport is very well known because there is a beach at the end and there are planes which pass very low below the tourists!

I think that the A350 Caribbean [Air Caraïbes] would be the emblem of this FNF and that it would impose as a theme! (or AirFrance)

At the end there is a U-turn!

Amazing pict

credit photos: Google / Pinterest

Here it was my idea, thank you! I hope one day to attend this FNF

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You should send this to Misha, as he makes the FNF’s, but as long as I know staff don’t take FNF suggestions, only on certain occasions.

how to send to Misha

I think it’s a great idea you have there. TNCM is really a beautiful Airport to fly to. But as there is just one runway and you have to back taxi to depart, the waiting time would just be too long.

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You should send him a PM, but I’m not a 100% if you should though.

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Yes but this constraint is very interesting

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Yeah that’s true. Hope there will be a TNCM-FNF

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It’s a fairly small airport. Not sure how it can accommodate many of us.

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FNF airports usually have at least two runways. This is to facilitate traffic flows and hence I can’t see TNCM making it as an main FNF airport.

Awww new, TNCM is the worst when you have an approach line stretching for 200 miles

Yes it is understandable but if a CARIBBEAN event is present with several open airports such as TFFR / TFFF / MDPC and others it would be great and there would be fewer people and everyone would be spread out at these airports.

Second airport maybe

Yes, might be.
Not sure wether suggestions are taken apart from the times where the Community is allowed to suggest and vote on a FNF though. It would be a good post for one of these topics nonetheless.

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It would be nice if one day we could vote for FNF

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Yes that would be Great

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I am very sure there have been opportunities this year already!

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I hope it will be final one day to involve the community more! ! :D

Cool, but not possible, sorry! This airport is tiny.