FNF Time

I do admire how FNF is located in a variety of places and is fun for all of us. But now that I think about it more, there is something I would like to talk about.

Note: Zulu time is used

I was unable to find a thread similar to this

So if it’s called FNF, then why does it start in the morning? I think that is a bit off and maybe it should start on Friday night (hence the title), and perhaps end on whatever the Community chooses to. No this will not be sliding into #features, but to ask the Community if they prefer a time change.

So here we go.

  • FNF starts at the time as it is now (0700Z)
  • FNF starts at night in terms of zulu time, like 1900Z or somewhere around that time

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Disclaimer: This may cause other pilots already attending FNFs at a regular basis to feel uneasy, but some others don’t have much opportunity to participate in FNFs

What do you think? All opinions are open, even if they say this is unnecessary and clogs up space.

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Well yes it doesn’t go with the title, in other place in the world it is morning right now! With zulu time everyone knows exactly when it starts and it isn’t in a particular timezone.


So do you think every once in a while the time for FNF should be random? Makes it fair for all who want to attend


This would make it easier to do FNF long hauls between airports…

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Sorry but I’m not quite understanding this question.
You’re saying not everyone can attend as the event starts at 0700Z?


To be honest it doesn’t really matter what time FNF starts, it’s only depends if some people can make it due to their time zone. Just my opinion

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I’m trying to say here is if FNF times changed a little bit for others, the event could be in their favor but it may not benefit others.

Basically, I want to say FNF should take place with a very ranged time, so people in various time zones are open to this choice.

Okay… but FNF starts at 0600Z and ends 0600Z the next day, that’s 24 hours. You need more time or? :)

For example:


1900zulu time is 4 am for me and japan

It starts in the morning because that’s when regions change every other day of the week. Many people don’t actually start flying until much later, which means it often ends up being a Friday Night Flight anyway. Controllers’ frequencies are limited when flights are usually the busiest, which is from around 1900Z-0300Z (I don’t remember the exact start time, but it is the evening in Zulu). It may be an event, yes, but it is also a selected region, just with a focus airport or two as opposed to many different ones.

No I’m not trying to request a change to the length of FNF.

What are you trying to do then? What difference would it make if we started it let’s say 1900Z and ended it 1900Z the next day? :)


I would guess that each time zone is most active during the evening due to daytime obligations, so the “night” could refer to that, but otherwise it’s just a title.

I always was a proponent that FNF should start at 0700 of the time zone where the airport is located that way the locals get to experience their airport featured. Keeping it NA/EU kills the prospect of those in other timezones from making it during heavy time or only present at the beginning or end not high time


You know, this is getting more confusing.

Considering @Cameron_Stone’s statement, he does have a point. If that’s really the case, then I can’t really support myself too much.

Anyway, the point of this is to attempt to just make FNF flexible for those who are not time-favorable. Taking into account everything nasty situation that could happen, I don’t think this whole FNF trying to be flexible for all time zones would work so well. You provided some counterarguments that really made me think about it.

It was worth a shot…

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It’s 24hrs long? I honestly don’t see how that would matter, that’s what I seems to be missing in this discussion?


It used to start around 1800Z or something before, but it’s since been expanded to cover full 24hrs. This for the exact reason you even posted this i believe, so that as many as possible have the possibility to participate :)

This + what @Cameron_Stone said about region changes being done at 0600Z makes it’s pretty logical.


So can this be closed?

Yes (: