FNF, "The Prop Hop". Well Done!

Max Sez; Back to our roots! Thanks @DIsraelFDS & @Tyler_Shelton for a memorable event, comm snafu and all. I stopped counting at 50 when I surveyed the number of reciprocators motoring about in the Carib Region! You could almost smell the AvGas fumes and hear the wind hum in the struts! It made me fell good to see the enthusiasm for seat of the pants aviating at last! The route selection and scenario tested our metal, Old Crows and Fledgelings alike. Bravo Zulu! Hope “Prop Hope’s” remain a periodic feature. So say we all, I hope!


That means a lot! It didn’t go exactly as planned, but technology happens. I immediately thought of you when I decided to make this event. Enjoy your weekend!


Was great to see the high turnout! Lots of fun in the Spit on those fast and low legs!


Nice touch and go at TFFJ! I was the controller there :)