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I don’t know wether it’s appropriate to come with suggestions to future FNF events or not.

I was thinking that there has been a long time since we had any event like this in the Central African countries such as Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda and more. Maybe we could have one here soon? Maybe we could use airports such as Dar Es Salam, Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Kigali or Bujumbura? Maybe Mwanza near the Victoria lake?
Please let me know what you think of this suggestion. Hopefully we have an event like this here soon as I think this is a region that’s not explored so much.


I think that would be great! Sadly people only want to fly to places they know and are not willing to explore places… That’s why events at those locations normally don’t draw much attention :( ESSA was featured 2 times in 2 weeks now, but other places seem to be forgotten somehow

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Yes. Therefore, I thought maybe a large event like an FNF would draw attention to this part of the world. Also, it is just a beautiful area that would be fun to use as a FNF.


I totally agree. They need diversity. In Africa is only Cape Town or FAOR (most known). But hey, they need to explore more. That’s the beautiful thing from this game :)

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