FNF Suggestion: Stormy Locations

(This isn’t a feature request, so I guess it can be in General)

The title technically says it all. I am honestly getting quite tired of some of the FNF flights, and I want some challenge or more fun to it, and so I thought, “why not have flights in areas with bad weather?” Crosswind takeoffs and landings will definitely give users a challenge and it will also be fun and exciting to see how everyone else takes off and lands :)

Hope we can fly more in areas where it will be tough because that is what makes it more fun :D

Photo Cred: flightsafety.org

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Very true, good idea!


Because FNF’s are planned further ahead than you would think. It is pretty hard to have an airport that is big enough, a location that hasn’t been recently used, enough frequencies for IFATC, and then to be able to match all of that with a locations weather weeks ahead.

I will see what I can do in the future though!


Great idea - mountainous approaches could be cool too!

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I remember we used to have this every Tuesday with an event called “Turbulent Tuesday”. It was unfortunately discontinued due to lack of participation.


FNFs are crazy enough and difficult enough for IFATC already… bad weather or terrain makes it difficult for the pilots, therefore making it even more difficult for us!

True, but I think this should happend at least once :)

Please have mercy for GA users :)

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This link might help in choosing a location (unless all were already chosen before)

This site basically shows the most weather delayed airports

Now those little planes will be another story when it comes to crosswinds :)

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‘‘in the US’’

Based off the link I sent in one of my replies, the top 2 weather delayed airports are Newark and San Francisco

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