FNF strange “accident”

Hello, today when approaching Madrid, the controller said I had to reduce to 160kn, so did I. I had heavy stall problems. I exited the server because I was afraid the controller would ghost me. What could I have done in this case? Whos the responsability?

What aircraft were you in? Did you deploy flaps?

Either way, do you happen to remember the name of the controller? I can help you get in contact with them.


I was in an a321, no I did not deploy flaps because I was far away of approaching, I suposed he wanted to give way an aircraft ahead of me. No, I dont remember the name, but I was coming from Barcelona, if this helps

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Ahh I see.

The use of flaps is not dependent on your distance from the airport, but rather your airspeed.

Flaps increase drag and lift and allow you to fly at slower speeds.

To prevent that stall, deploying flaps to notch 2 or 3 would have created more lift and allowed you to fly at 160 knots IAS.

Questions are welcome!


Okey, thanks for the help. I will see if I can find the name of the controller.

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