FNF São Paulo-Johannesburg

Hey there people, yesterday was the FNF. I’m pretty sure you knew that. And after numerous of times my app crashing I finally was able to do a flight.
São Paulo-Johannesburg. It’s a very scenic route: you got mountains with Amazone, ocean, desert, steppe and savannah.

Flight Information

route: SBGR-FAOR
plane: Airbus 350
airline: LATAM


Take off after a long wait…

Hey @Altaria55

Landing in Johannesburg

Its a very nice route to fly, I recommend doing it some day.

Anyway, thanks for viewing. And just like @Altaria55, see ya in the skies


You landed already? :thinking:


Had tailwind I think 🤔

I landed only 7 hours ago… lol

My flight was 8 hours🤔🤔🤔🤔

Realllllly… I’d have thought it was at least a 10 hr flight

I saw you invite me for that. Sadly I couldn’t because I’m never able to wake up at 5AM of all times 😂.

If you’re up for a small flight after 1730Z, I’d be down to fly.

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I woke up at 5am, you would’ve needed to wake up at 4am…
But maybe… first my event :)

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These are great! Not many photos, but they’re all really good

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Thanks mate, my favorite is the first one😄

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