FNF Review

So I really enjoy Friday Night Flight, and it was in Western Africa today. However, it sounds great on paper, but there wasn’t enough parking and it took around 30 minutes from pushback to rotation. Not blaming our accusing the mods or ATC of anything, (they did great for such a busy frequency) but in practice, it lead to the longest taxi time I have ever seen on FNF. I think overall, the concept was great, and it was the first time ever than an FNF was in Western Africa. That scores well. However, the hub airport had near 20 gates, which isn’t enough with 80/90 arrival/departure ratio per hour. Although Africa doesn’t have the best airports or certainly the biggest, Lagos is the fifth largest, but a bigger Casablanca could have a secondary hub for the FNF like Lagos due to size.

Overall Score: 7.4/10

I will continue this thread every week for debating purposes, ATC did very good!


I have to say I think 7.4/10 is a little low. It was something like 9.46372974/10, actually.

WHOAH that is a very precise calculation.

I remember EGLL once hosted FNF and there was heavy traffic that there was a gate hold.I was in the gate hold for about 40 minutes before I had clearance to even push back and finally take off some people were in a gate hold for more than 50 minutes even tho EGLL has many gates than Murtala Mohammed International.You have a point but I think every airport in every continent should be given the opportunity to host the FNF once it meets the criteria of the organizers.That’s why there are back up airport during events like this.

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It wouldn’t make sense to move an event from, say, Denver to Miami or Barcelona to Edinburgh or Jerusalem to Beijing, so Lagos to Casablanca makes no sense.

The two times I spawned in today, it wasn’t bad. You must’ve caught rush hour.

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We don’t need an FNF review. Especially when your rating is higher then my grades.

Shouldn’t this be under #live ??