FNF rendering

So in every FNF my rendering is very limited and I can only see like 5 planes when there are like 50. My settings are all on full I have tried restarting and I have an iPad Pro 10.5. When I see pics of other users I see that they have much better rendering of other planes. Also my WiFi is very fast.

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Set your airplane count to “very high”. There’s no other thing you can do. IF also doesn’t show every single plane if there’s heavy traffic.

I have always had it like that. It’s just that when I see pics of other users their rendering is much better

Can you post a screenshot of your graphics-settings? I would like to compare them with mine.

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Why do you have limit frame rate selected? You have an iPad Pro my dude. Do you have all aircraft downloaded as well?

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That might be the problem if he has limit frame rate on

I don’t know Why. I’ll turn it off.

Limit frame rate does not affect the amount of aircrafts shown. It only does what it say it does, which is limiting the frame rate.

The amount of aircrafts shown are dependent on two things:

  • Internet connection
  • Whether or not you have all the aircrafts downloaded

I have got limit-frame-rate on and the rendering of the other aircraft is sharp. But yes, for an iPad Pro 10.5 which supports 120Hz he shouldn’t turn that on.

In Live mode, you can only “see” up to 12 aircraft (I believe), regardless of the amount of aircraft you have specified that can render. That’s how it is for me, anyways. I have the iPad Pro 10.5” as well and have the amount of aircraft shown to Very High, but I only see up to 12 aircraft while I’m on the ground.

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I do have a stable connection and I have all the planes downloaded so I don’t know what it could be.

We experimented quite a lot with this during Beta, and never had any issues. One thing that could affect the numbers shown is camera angle. I know it sounds odd, but sometimes the app decides to render aircraft not that close to you or even not in your field of vision.


So for me I nees a better internet then.
Gotta tell dad lol

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Well every time I adjust the camera view it either makes 1 or 2 aircraft disappear or 1 or 2 appear.

Also this gets me scared because I don’t want to taxi through others and get ghosted☹️

As I said, not every single aircraft will be shown. Only the nearest (I think) 12 planes will show up on your screen.

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Yeah, sounds like the way I’ve experienced things.
But if you only have 5 in your vicinity and the 45 others aren’t that close to you, i’d assume it’s something the app is doing to enhance performance.

Also take other things in consideration such as airport rendering. The app could throttle down the numbers of aircraft to deal with that.


I understand. Usually I only see planes near me and not on final or at the other side of the airport.

NOTE: this only happens in very heavy traffic.