FNF question

Are NATS tracks required for FNF? Also do you have to monitor our flight to not hit them (cuz lot’s of people don’t monitor long hauls)?

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Not required, although recommended. As long as you have proper spacing as you depart and you’re flying at the right flight level, I see no reason why you should be worried.


787 behind a 318 might be a problem
And NAT tracks can be flown without following the odd-even rule right?


If it’s not too busy (like right now), NAT tracks are probably fine. However, if you’re planning to cross during a peak period, I suggest sticking to the IFR Semicircular rule, as that’s what most pilots will be following.

Yes, aircraft speeds will vary, but it boils down to common sense. If you’re going M0.85 in a Dreamliner and you’re 40 nm behind an A318 who’s flying at M0.78, should you stay at the same flight level as the baby bus? Probably not. But, if there’s no one else in the vicinity, you should be clear for the 6-7 hour hop across the pond.

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Actually do mods even ever ghost people for anything during cruise? Cuz overnighters (and flying while at school/work) are a thing

As said above, it’s not too likely that you will collide with someone, just remember to keep your altitude odd heading east and even heading west, mods can ghost people during cruise but only if they’re deliberately flying into people, not flying sensibly and deliberately ruining people’s experience

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