FNF Procedure 11/20-Military Shipment in Charlotte


The movement of troops, cargo, and vehicles is one of the primary missions of any world military. This week we have a scheduled Military Shipment in the Charlotte Region. Get behind the controls of your favorite military aircraft to safely move sensitive cargo from Charlotte to Shaw AFB!

Military Aircraft (C17, Air Force 1, Generic Liveries) will depart KCLT, flying south to KSSC. All fighters will depart KPOB to provide escort service for aircraft enroute to Shaw AFB, as shown on the procedure. Full ATC will be provided on the Advanced Server to assist with procedures and traffic flow. Failure to follow ATC instruction will lead to ghosting. Save procedures on a second device or take notes for the event.

Keep it realistic, follow the procedures, and stay tuned for the official IF event post!


Thank you, Tyler!!

Now, time to get certified for flying the C-17 ;-))

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Don’t worry, I had to do some practice too! For those that want to keep flying their newly purchased A320, the generic livery is just fine for this event! 😊


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Looks like a fun event!

One thing I enjoyed IF a lot is the variety of aircraft types. I may work hard to “get certified” for a particular aircraft (in my IF terms, to learn to handle it well) in a few days, for event purposes or just for fun. And then move on to work on another aircraft type, and another… And a while later, I would always need to go back to those aircraft types I thought were quite familiar with to “remain current”. That’s how I enjoy IF ;-))

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That’s funny you say that! That was my reasoning for loving FNFs when I first started Infinite Flight. There are so many aircraft we don’t fly often that we get to practice and fly when an event rolls around. We can all struggle flying the tough ones together! 😜


(To make it 10 letters ;-))

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I will be there! Not sure if I should escort in an F-16C or fly in the A320… Decisions! Either way my call sign will be " Air Force 72".

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Fly the route twice and do both! :)


Go with F-16C with your first flight. We NEED protection!! And then you could make an extra effort by taking all the off duty AF pilots for a scenery trip in the A320… ;-))

I think I want to make two flights, too. First with the C-17, and then the A320 for an special VIP run~~


I’ll be going in my f-16 callsign sonic2 as always

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@Tyler_Shelton, just a suggestion here… ;-))

Since most military operations or even special flights of commercial world like Boeing’s test flight (such as, the 787’s first flight was given the callsign “ZA001”) would have their special callsigns, why don’t you recommend two callsigns for this military shipment operation, one for the escorting jets and the other for the shipment planes. I believe many of us would be happy to take the callsign with their favourite numbers.

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Fighter or escort… Fighter or escort… Fighter or escort…


Aren’t they the same? One is the aircraft type and the other is the…job ;-))

Gonna be there in a F22

Then maybe an presidential aircraft

Time to get my F22 on :)


Remeber guys if you are an escort fighter, make sure to include “flight of xx” in your callsign bc that indicates you are escorting.

This is only on the advanced server right?