FNF Posting Times

When does FNF usually get posted? I don’t really check the IFC for FNF. Apparently it gets posted at quite a short notice and I understand that it builds up excitement but our VAs need to organise our little FNF flights with earlier notice. Thanks

I don’t think there is a specific time as such. Best to just keep an eye on the forum, or alternatively I believe they also announce on their Instagram page.

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Ok, thanks

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Usually on Thursdays between 1200Z and 1600Z

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Ah ok, thats very helpful thanks!

Hi. Usually it gets posted Thursdays in the early morning usually. I do know that the ATC Schedule comes out late sometimes. Doesn’t always come out at the same time.

-csg :)

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It should be tommorow.

It usually gets posted at AROUND (not exact): 2020-09-17T14:45:00Z2020-09-17T17:15:00Z, but it depends.

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