FNF on Training server

Hi there IFC! I’m not having a moan or anything, but why does everyone on the training server always go to EGLL and KLAX. When I first heard about FNF I was grade two, so I was looking forward to it until 🤦🏼‍♂️

So straight to the point, why doesn’t everyone ‘celebrate’ FNF on training server? On FNF it says we can do it on every server!

As always stay safe and thank you NHS.


Because there is no discipline on the TS, pilots can destroy an ATC controller’s entire sequence, without being disciplined/ghosted, making it an unpleasant experience for the controller


Kinda confused here. EGLL and KLAX are popular airports so they are used. I know KATL is the most popular in real life. Also FNF can be celebrated on All servers but everyone has free will you participate in it or not. Really the pilots choice here.


I think the main attraction of the FNF is getting to fly into a busy airport with lots of active, professional controllers. However, on the training server, not all pilots and controllers have the motive to follow the rules and can ruin it for the others.


All of these replies make total sense, I understand now.


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