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I am new to infinite flight and was recently told about FNF. I was wondering what it is and how would someone of a grade 1 level be able to join?

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fnf is friday night flight which is hosted by the infintie moderators to create a special flight event on friday. The moderators decide one city which will be the hub for the fnf and all flyin and flyout of that hub. Fnf is fun but can be hectic as well because traffic increases over that hub and sometimes delays can happen. It can give a very good idea for a new comer if he could handle tight patterns or not. Overall fnf is the best thing on the expert server inside the atc schedule until you be inside rules.

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Watch out people Misha’s in on this all aircraft be advised

Friday Night Flight is an event that takes place every week. FNF is open to a variety of busy airports with open IFATC. The special thing about the event is that we don’t know where will the event take place. There are always random and yet brilliant locations around the world. Beware of TFR’s (Temporary Flight Restriction) and important NOTAMS to ensure the traffic flow will always be equal.

Last week the FNF took place in Spain, focusing to Madrid. We had airports open in Portugal and the Caribbean Islands. See more in the thread below! Check the tags- #fnf and #officialevent.

Edit: @MJMN if you are Grade 1, you will not be able to join in the Expert Server because you are not Grade 3. Although this Event is open to all Servers you may as well join into the Training Server.

This is false. Please read the information before commenting.

Hi @Massey116_Stefan! I am Misha, a staff member with Infinite Flight. I am the one who makes the FNFs each week. Essentially it is a big fly in to an airport each week. This is largely on the expert server, however we urge controllers on the training server to also take part and open the airports. You can also fly the routes on the casual server. We have had over 300 people inbound to one airport at any given time recently!

We give you established routes to fly, aircraft type suggestion, and on occasion we do special things such as arrival routes.

This week’s event will be posted shortly so keep an eye out!


as currently due to report i am on training server though returning tomorrow on expert server still would love to try and create a fnf for training server if moderators allow.

I don’t think they will allow non-mods to create FNFs. You can give them ideas with a small chance that they will use it.

Key word: small

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they have a huge community to handle so i can agree they will not take all request into account but i have had some share of moments with some moderators where my request was given importance so lets see. Fingers crossed.

The purpose of FNF is to have the same event across all servers. However IFATC will be only available on the Expert Server. As we know any none IFATC users can hop on to an ATC spot on the Training server to provide service for pilots wishing to partake in FNF on that server…

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