FNF messing up my flights for the week

Hi! I know this sounds silly but as I like to keep realism for flights I plan over the week and it does get a bit annoying only been able to plan till Thursday evening and then having to wait for FNF to come out and I always seem to be the other side of the world. Just thought I would express this.

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I always plan on Sunday, when the schedule is released… I don’t really like how I do career mode and then FNF is a 22 hr flight away from where I leave off on Thursday.

but… FNF is usually announced 15 hours or less before… and it lasts 24 hrs.

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Yeah the only problem 99% of the time I can’t fly for the 24h as on weekends I like to go out and do some transport spotting weather it be trains or planes meaning if it is a multi leg flight it is quite hard to do.

Well, you can always fly somewhere without ATC and all the delays etc. No one said you must fly where there is ATC :)

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Personally I like the spontaneous nature of FNF, but I get how it messes with a career mode if you’re taking that quite seriously.

Maybe you could treat Thursday as your repositioning day, and get from wherever you’ve ended up on Wednesday to somewhere near the FNF airports? Yes, in the real world a pilot for a big airline company would have their roster weeks in advance, but in a small gig for charter airlines it wouldn’t be that uncommon to be moved around at short notice as bookings come and go.

I see a great idea! Just make ur week schedule on Thursday’s so u can plan ur flights accordingly with FNF or away from

If you wanna avoid crowds I recommend flying on casual because live ATC always draws more people

It’s not that I want to avoid FNF I wanna fly to it

Yeah, the thing is I love flying to ATC so I wanna fly to FNF if I like it

To my understanding the ATC is placed around randomly to apeal to everyone not for you to fly a series of flights through the course of the week. The reveal of fnf is supposed to be like a marketing draw to get people excited about flying.

Yeah I get that but what I mean is I want to fly to every ATC possible but not knowing Friday can be a bit annoying but I get what you mean

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