FNF Memorial Flight with the 747!

Hey everyone! I participated in the ‘Hub and Spoke’ FNF and thought I’d share some pics!

Aircraft: Delta 747-400
Route: KBOS - KJFK
Flight Time: 1:30

(Spoiler: they probably won’t have too many other aircraft because my iPad is from 2015 and if I render more than a square meter of land it explodes so 🤷‍♂️)

At Boston next to a Hainan Airlines A333

Waiting at RWY 15R for a Turkish Airlines B739 to takeoff


Old plane, new plane as I roar out of 22L

Climbing to my cruise of FL320

Turning towards New York

Descending into JFK over idk

Well, hello there

Doing a parallel landing 22L/R (757 POV)

Touchdown on 22L!

Waiting to cross 22R so I can taxi back (I was waiting a while)

Finally arrived at JFK

Which was your favourite? Vote below!

  • At Boston Gate
  • Waiting to Cross 15R
  • Departing Boston
  • Climbing Out
  • Cruise
  • Descent into NYC
  • 757 First Sight
  • 757 POV
  • Landing at KJFK
  • Waiting to cross 22R
  • At New York Gate

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Thanks for scrolling through, now go look at some other screenshot comp lmao :)