Fnf madrid

@Infiniteflight: Really appreciate IFATC for their extraordinary skills in vectoring the heavy traffic at Madrid …It was absolute professionalism and realistic way…really enjoyed this event during my flight from VIDP-LEMD flying for AIVA…Hoping to see more events with IFATc and one day be part ur IFATc team…

I request @infiniteflight to add night lights since it’s too difficult to taxi…a very needed feature and also options to download replay so as too make corrections and make videos…


There is already a very requested feature:

And yeah, IFATC are the best ever


I know that but apart from all other I seem it as most necessary feature as it makes night flights awesome…

Hi! Night lights, aka taxiway lights can be heard in their latest stream! They are in development, but information wasn’t ready to be released.

I can’t remember what they said about taxi lights.

Also great to hear you appreciate the IFATC’s controlling abilities! Why not give them a tag in the topic below to thank them directly for their hard work? 😃

If you’re having trouble finding the controller in the community, you can find their in-game display name and IFC account here!


PM me for more info, you do not need to duplicate, post inside the feature topic:)

Keep it up!

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