FNF LIVE with AviatorDan

“Free things” wink wink cough cough “any WIPS?” Big cough and wink

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HAHA right!!

Maybe a giveaway with some objects from their Store, like a T-shirt, a clothes, an essential, maybe something like that.

In the first stream they offered a 1 year subscription,once or twice,i think

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Yes, in this giveaway we had two winners :)

Would like to thank you once again for the stream earlier, really wasn’t expecting to win anything on the giveaway so “shocked” was an understatement when I found out 😂. Huge props to the team behind the scenes which make these streams happen. Looking forward to the next one ✈️


Ohhhh man congrats on winning I’m glad I stumbled across your comment. Yeah huge congratulations 🥳


Thanks Dan for another awesome stream!! Was so much fun to watch!!

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Same here, thought “having an affair with butter isn’t such a biggie” and dropped the keyword in chat 😂

and misha, don’t forget we’re expecting you in the next stream 🙃

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