FNF LIVE with AviatorDan

Hey everyone!

Don’t forget we’ll be streaming this week’s FNF live on our twitch channel! Throw a follow on our channel so you never miss a stream.

There may be free things given away…

Today at 3:00pm ET / 7:00pm GMT


Awesome! Can’t wait!

Maybe I’ll watch a bit on my long drive home! 🙌

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Sweet! The last sream was awesome. Will be sure to be there :)

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Be there or be square


Can’t wait to see it

No, I want to be square

But I’ll be there

Amazing @jasonrosewell ! I‘m hyped for it.🤯

did I hear „free stuff“ 😏

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Wanna do some control or fly! Both of them would be awesome! Can’t wait to see it!

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7:00 pm at Zulu Time ?

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Yup! 1900Z

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That’s what I said to the Twitter post XD

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Another load of fun I see! I’ll be arriving into Osaka roughly when this stream starts. Maybe I’ll join temporarily along the line in a respective (and safe) manner.

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Can we know which route will be?

That’s the fun!!! Not knowing until the stream so let the lag begin!


Please no, more than 2 777 is a pain for my phone :’)

There will most likely be more than 2 B777’s flying I’m sure of it. Use a different plane if it makes your phone run smoother.

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fun fact: whenever something is „free“, I’ll never get it no matter how many times I try on giveaways or lottery xD

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What did I just read? 0_0

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