FNF @KATL Today on Training Server

Sup guys! Today, I spawned at KATL for the FNF, and I got some nice pics.

Photos where taken on Training Server.

A Delta 757-200 Landing

Delta 787-8 Holding Short of Runway 26L

The Delta A330-300 Is Me. Taxiing to Runway 26L with the Delta 757-200 Landing

Delta 787-8 Takes Off

Delta A330-300 (Me) Takes Off

Delta A321-200 Takes Off

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Awesome pictures from FNF! :)


Thanks! I will post more later on. (Hopefully because, life)

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Why did most people go on delta and not Trump Shuttle

Because if you look at the FNF, you’re meant to fly Delta

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Nope they did not go to Atlanta they departed or arrived at either La guardia, Boston, Washington

Great photos!!. Keep it up !

I didn’t know there were people still flying the b752. Can you even call that a plane in this game? lol


I know…

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