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It would be great if we could find out about the FNF prior to the day of. This would be a great addition to the weekly schedules. It would be fantastic for people like me who always take off from the same airport. For the past 3 FNFʻs, I have been on the other side of the map. I know that lots of people have this problem and I think it would increase the busyness of airports significantly during FNFʻs and make the game much more enjoyable for the community of the people who take off and the same airport they land at.

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AKA. N80991


I mean, A days notice is always a great reminder and the IFATC schedule always shows FNF. Mark just announces the airport that will be in use for FNF, or if not the region.

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Are you doing the career thing?

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no just adding “realism”

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I certainly agree where you’re coming from. Some events are planned a month in advance. However on the other hand I understand that the FDS team is busy and they might not put fnf of the top of their bucketlist


Okay I see your point.

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yeah that is totally understandable but when they release the weakly map thing they could include the FNF


weekly* (misspelled) i have to have 20 characters FYI


This isn’t really FDSs issue. We know that the event is announced roughly at the same time each week. Take note of when the weekly event is announced and plan a flight to depart from your airport at that time. After all, you are the PIC (Pilot In Command). Make the necessary judgement.


The edit post pencil can help you in this situation next time. The 20 character rule is there for a reason and dont abuse it ;)

@BenRothschild, no need to edit the title when something is closed.