FNF in Iceland

Wouldn’t It would be awesome if a FNF sometime could be Iceland to London with WOW air or icelandair!!!

That would be fun, but it’s ultimatly up to the mods and staff to decide


Actually, I’ll tell you that, you may PM this suggestion to Misha :)
From what it looks like, he’s the one in charge of creating FNF’s nowadays, so that’s your guys to contact ;)

And you never know, he may take it into consideration? It’s always great to share ideas and thoughts.

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An interesting name for an FNF in Iceland would be Reykjavik Riot!!

The issue with have an airport like BIKF for an FNF is that there are only 10-15 parking spots so there would be a lot waiting around for a gate to become free - that means the taxiways and ultimately the runways get blocked.



It would be nice to have a FNF in Iceland. The mods decide though, maybe Misha will read this topic and consider making this a reality!


That’s why it’s a rage 😂 There are quite a few areas on the apron though

Misha will post the FNF later on this week but a handful of factors are taken into account when deciding which airport(s) will be utilized. Your suggestion is recognized.