FNF Iceland

Hey guys! Today I flew into Keflavik in Iceland as part of FNF! Here is some photos I got!

Taking off from EGLC ( London City ). This flight was Roughly 3hours.

When this photo was taking I was flying just west of Manchester Airport heading up north.

Start of Descent Into the packed Keflavik.

easyJet A320 in short final to Keflavik.

I then softly placed my wheels onto Runway 19 at Keflavík.

Thank you to all of the controllers at the Airport for keeping this flow of traffic running soothly 👍🏻

The final flight time was 2h 56 minutes 👍🏻

Ryan ✈️


Great pics! Didn’t know the E190 had that range!

i think it’s an E190


Yes it’s a E190 And yes they go quite far.

Great photos, nice to see a lot of traffic up in Iceland

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Thank you, Iceland Deserves Some More Attention. I love that place 🥵