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So I recently got to Grade 3 on Infinite flight and I just want more info on FNF because I don’t want to get into it without knowing what im doing. so I was wondering if you guys could give me some FNF etiquette.

Thank you!

Matthew R


It’s basically the same as regular airports on Expert except there’s more people. I would advise that you listen to ATC above all else.

Because of the high volume of traffic, there’s going to be a lot of stress on the controller, so listening and complying with ATC instructions will help make sure that you don’t get ghosted.


Just listen to NOTAMS, follow ATC, and dont strike other aircraft. @TaipeiGuru summed it up well :)


Thanks guys! Any tips for Friday Night Flights?


oh also if you want to know the airports that will be active it is pinned on the home page of IFC and also when you click “online” it will show what airports are active (And what type of ATC are operating)


The same rules apply for FNF and non-FNF airports. The main difference is that FNF just has a lot more people.

My advice is to just stay calm. It might be a little scary to see so many aircraft, but as long as you follow instructions, you’ll be fine.


And read #tutorials on how to use atc:) Refreshers never hurt:) and be calm they know what they’re doing:)



Yesterday was my first FNF, even though I’m a long-term IF player. The expert server seemed scary, because of the consequences when accidentally disrupting the facilities, however…

Yesterday I refreshed my memory by watching ‘Using ATC in flight’. A 9 minute, old video that really said almost all there is.

A personal tip perhaps, send the command ONCE. A controller never forgets, even if they put You in a pattern over another airport. The key word here should be patience.

So, be patient (also queues get really long), be compliant and that’s it! If You need more clarification on the procedures, check out #tutorials.

I hope to see You next Friday!

Dont be the person that flies from the next door airport and expects to get in to the FNF hub. You Wil most likely get vectored away from the airport
As @Prashant_Divedi would say, “Don’t be the takeoff from base to final person”


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