FNF Hawaiian Event Still Unable to Connect Online Tally

I am starting this new thread for the aforementioned purpose…l have been unable to get online and subsequently attend this event since about 4:00 pm EDT …thus afternoon when l first tried to log in…and now it is three hours later and still the same situation is in effect…therefore l would like anyone else who still has not been able to connect this long or for whatever reason …to post their response here…hopefully l will still be able to get online before the event’s conclusion at approx 11:30 pm my time…l will post here if and when I am successful in that effort…and the words “contacting server” are no longer present

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Moved to support for you to hopfully get an expedited awnser

Thanks, again…did not no where to put it

List your device and software version also if you have deleted and re installed app

Nexus 7 (2012) first gen…have the last version of IF before the newest release…have not reinstalled app …no recent connecting problems

Try deleting and re installing and update and edit your original topic with those details

Also a picture of the error would help

I too have been unable to get on line this evening.
It’s Friday night here and my wife expects me to spend it with her. Jeez.

Device - Samsung Note 4 SM-N910F

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Welcome to the Club…albeit probably few members…

The error is the standard…“Infinite Flight is experiencing issues connecting to the server.
Check internet connection or try again later…if this problem persists, please contact support”

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With this older model almost dinosaur now…Nexus 7… l still have… it would take me at least an hour to reinstall the app with all the regions and data elements

Naw - I’ve still got an N7-2012 myself, and plenty of life in the old girl yet. It’ll take you about 20-30mins.

Not on this one…l had to do this a year ago…and it took me close to an hour and a half…good on ya…though