FNF Group flight @ WMKK - 191900ZFEB16

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpor
Airport and Parking: WMKK; will be announced and edited soon.
Server: Advanced.
NOTAM Welcome to a new event where we will attend in the FNF as a group flight, we will meet in WMKK And depart to WSSS, we park there for a while then we will get back to WMKK,
Flight info For 1st Flight: ALT FL210
SPD 320Knots
FPL by me
Flight Info for the 2nd flight
ALT FL 230
SPD 310

Plane Malaysian Airlines Or Singapore airlines, ANY.
I will be there with Singapore 777 , Callsign JY-BAC, Disp name IFWP-Zaid Salameh-RJ

see you there

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