FNF Ghosting


Thanks for your patience as we experienced server issues on the dedicated FNF server. I have reversed ALL FNF ghosting. While I share your frustration, I am dedicated to improving the experience over time. Thanks!



Thanks Tyler!
We understand technical problems like this do happen:)

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Thanks for apologizing :)

I am wondering if also certain controllers were just having connection problems.

I was starting the fnf flight plan on the advanced a couple hours ago. During taxi the tower told an aircraft to line up and when and then went offline. That aircraft took off and I was holding short. Thought the controller might reconnect so I waited a minute then decided to announce takeoff on unicom and line up to keep the line moving. Started my roll and tower comes back online and says hold position and then cleared for takeoff.

Really necessary? I can only think he was having connection problems and misunderstanding. After my takeoff it happened again and he told the guy to not take off without clearance (even though tower was offline when he took off).

I know the name of the controller if you want it, but I’m pretty sure it was just connection problems on their end. Maybe misunderstanding and frustration also though.

No, that was simply a server issue which is why we eventually removed it. Controllers would log in and not hear any pilot transmissions. After exiting the tower, the facility would still show active so many pilots were flying while tuned into an “active” frequency, although no one was manning it. Technical difficulties do happen I suppose! 😞