FNF frontier a321 KDEN-KBWI

Hey IFC! I did FNF earlier today from DEN-BWI. BWI was absolute CHAOS. I was 30 minutes late from my ETE and that didn’t really help my IF passengers rating… but enough of me being annoying and on to the pictures :)

Flight info

flight time: 3 hours 27 minutes
Airline and plane: Frontier a321

Parked at KDEN

Bad pushback. I wAnT tO sPeAk To ThE mAnAgEr

Crosswind rotatation!

Cruise at FL320

Descend to 6000

Just a random turning shot

Landing! -274FPM. Never knew how small runway 33R at BWI was 🤣😂

Parked at KBWI with @ZachmanIF parked next to me
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Hope you enjoyed these screenshots, cya next time!


Wonderful shots! The Frontier liveries always look good :)

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33R is so small because its normally used at the GA runway IRL. other than that nice pictures!

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