FNF Flight

Hey! Anyone that wants to do an FNF Flight please post here. I’ll be on TS1.

Thanks @CptNathanHope

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@CptNathanHope you wanna join?

Sure, I can stop by.

TS1 at KPDX.

Roger. On my way.

Copy my FP.

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Copied. What runway?

28L, you taxi first, then when I see you, I’ll pushback.

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Cruise speed at 300 knts, a bit slow, but why not lol. Height FL180.

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Have you guys taken off I want to go

Spawn at PDX at one of the A or B gates.

I’m spawning at KPDX right now BB001

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Come quick.

Slowing down so you guys can catch up :)

We should start descending.

Decend now: -1500 fpm.

I’ll land on runway 34L.

I’ll go 34R

correction i will land at 34C