FNF-ERJ Showcase SoCal

FNF - ERJ Series Showcase

This weeks FNF will be a all servers event featuring the Embraer ERJ series aircraft in Southern California.

ATC Advanced Server
• Friday May 15th 2015
• Event Start Time - 7:30 PM GMT
• Event End Time - 1:30 AM GMT (May 16th)
• Region: Southern California.
• Aircraft type: Embraer ERJ 170, 175, 190 & 195.
• Departure Location: Pilot Choice
• Destination Location: Pilot Choice

We WILL NOT be opening KLAX, KSAN, or KNUC.

The following will be used, to go along with the regional theme: KBUR, KPSP, MMTJ, KVCV, KRIV, KWJF

Please fill up these spaces and comment below with what you would like to control.


I should be able to help out. Let me know where.

Ill see if I can jump in some part of the day. I’ll grab Willy J.

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I will take tower at KPSP, if somebody else wants to take ground, that would be nice.

I’ll try to be there ;)

I’ll get your ground

Okay Joe.
See you then ;)

take at the First Wave KBUR (Bob Hope) Tower. Someone with me at Ground ?

I’ll join bob ;)

Great Celment. See you at 21:30 CEST.

I’ll be there ;)

Guys, I need somebody to take KPSP tower at 9:00-11:45 GMT, due to I have a sport practice. I can take back over at the time after.

Thank you everybody. Today’s FNF is coming to a close and I’d say it went very well. Great work by all controllers. Cheers :smile:

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