FNF EGLC approach timelapse

Just wanted to share a quick timelapse I swiftly made in between two flights. I recreated flight LOG3287, normally executed in a Saab 2000. I used the CRJ700 for obvious reasons.
Kudos to the controllers on expert for handling this amount of traffic and sticking pretty closely to real-world procedures!
Now go enjoy the #FNF magic: https://youtu.be/O4M2RHtyYLM


Nice timelapse! I was your tower and ground controller I think๐Ÿ™ƒ. Nice seeing everything work out like that at accelerated speed


0:27 Lydd Ashford woohoo! My home airport!

Fun fact: hundreds of you today have flown over me virtually.

Another fun fact: My home town is in the loading screen of the game. Iโ€™m the only one to have this in this picture

I hope you enjoy your London flying around my local area!!! I highly suggest EGMD as it is a smallish GA airport which is very well developed in game! Can provide some great TBM runs to EGLC in no time!


Do you remember who the approach controller was?

Me and @Flying_Pencil were splitting final and initial for the first part of my session before it was just me.

Nice video!


Looks like fun! Wait for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Amazing! That was @Flo_Rauslg and me on Approach. Thanks for stopping by, always nice to see an approach from a different perspektive.