FNF | AVIANCA | New York - Bogota | 787-8

Since some FNF’s i try to see some regions of the world that i never have seen before. Today it was Bogota in South America! I took off very early in New York to avoid heavy traffic in KJFK but still had to wait some more minutes on holding short. Here are some screenshots that will show you some beautiful areas:

Departed North from JFK, needed to fly a 180° north of New York

After the 180° i flew above New York and watched the big city

Somewhere south of Bahamas

Southeast of Havana ooh na-na

Last turn before seeing Bogota. Sadly that there isnt a beautiful scenery

Hope you liked those pictures and the route!


Haha I love that Havana song reference! Love the pictures a lot!


I have this song in my head every time when i fly close to Havana or Cuba. Havana is the only song that i keep singing while playing IF


Love that you did this flight. Cant wait for the upcoming scenery update that would make this type of flight so much more better!


@Lucas_Piedra I am very happy that we get Update for update very fast. After a update i mostly try to see some of those areas and it is just awesome. I am happy to be a player of IF and part of IFC

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I hate that song!


Haha aviation and music is hard to put it together. Might be BUTTER from Swiss001 is better for Final :p ?


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