FNF Atlanta

Hey community I had some questions about tomorrow’s fnf Atlanta day

  1. Why is there a giant red circle around the Atlanta airport today
  2. What’s an FNF
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  1. That’s a TFR
  2. Friday night flight.

Basically the red circle means you can’t fly to a different airport other than KATL in this case during the FNF. When you click on it is will say when it’s active and it’s description. Not all TFR’s will mean the same thing. If there is a yellow circle that means that there’s an inactive TFR which will be active within 24 hours

The Friday night flight is a weekly event at one of the busiest airports in the world where there are extreme amounts of traffic

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More information found here

Really want to emphasize this part:

Pilots need to be very cautious when inside this TFR. Traffic levels will be much higher than usual, which means controllers have less leeway to give you. If you’re not following our instructions, there’s a very good chance you’ll be reported without warning. Exercise caution when inside the TFR, but most importantly, have fun!


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