FNF Approach and Departure Time-Lapse @ HEGN

This is a Friday Night Flight session time-lapse at HEGN. I was controlling departures and arrivals. Due to a terrain anomaly on short final for 36L, we were using 16L for landing and 16L/16R for departures. I got a standard S going with about 5-6nm of separation.

That was working great for traffic flow on the ground for a while, but due to a massive tailwind it became quite a challenge for me as approach and the landing aircraft, so we switched to the other end, landing 34R and departing 34L. You’ll see that about 1/4 of the way through the video.

From there I changed the direction of the S. Each leg has it’s own altitude from 8000ft to 3000ft MSL, for separation and to remind me of which leg they were on. All arriving aircraft came in at 9000ft to 13000ft MSL.

Minimal to no go arounds after some separation adjustments. Thanks to @MannyG, @tomthetank, and @jakcharvat for Tower and Ground!

Points of interest
1:40 - Runway Change
6:52 - Wideroe 1 had a fuel emergency, was put on 16R

Hope you enjoy!


I love watching these! Man I wish I could take a screenshot of this and have it as a wallpaper😂

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Great job to you and the other controllers! I especially liked the runway change, that was very fun to watch. Keep up the great work!

Thank you, definitely a team effort to get that to work that day!

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Here you go! :)



Oh heck yes! Thanks so much!

Was this very satisfying to watch or what?? I loved it, nice job!

I’m more watching it for mistakes or ways to improve more then anything, but it is pretty mesmerizing whenever anyone makes one.

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I always love watching these IFATC time lapse videos especially at FNF the approach patterns always look so uniform (pun not intended)


Consistency really helps in dense traffic!

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Yeah it very satisfying and that is one reason why I like IFATC and fly on ES

Really interesting and insightful timelapse! Didn’t expect to see something like thism

Thanks, if you have any questions about what you see, feel free to ask. :)

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This is Amazing! You should make more of these!

Check out our channel, we have quite a few. More coming!


the runway change was so smooth wow

That’s harder then it looks, you have to time it right. I was tempted to have Air Berlin 2932 be the first to get 34R because he was a go around, but decided to filter him back in since he would have turned base at the same time as the fighter.

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Amazing Video! You vectored me in beautifully 😄

Which one were you? :)

Thomas cook something 😂. You’re the best controller!!