FNF and IFATC for events

If I make a event on a Friday will I be able to get an ATC for it or not because of the FNF events

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That’s a great question! Unfortunately, IFATC would need to fully staff the FNF airports before opening any other airport around the world. This is because the FNF is an official Infinite Flight event.

I would recommend doing an event on a Saturday or Sunday as that will give you the highest likelihood of getting ATC and a ton of pilots, as most would be off from school or work.


Oh ok, so there is basically only a 2% chance of getting IFATC on Friday

I don’t think the percentage is that low. If you plan an event well in advance for a Friday and it has a lot of sign-ups, you might even have a chance of getting it in the FNF region. Don’t quote me on that though, I’m not entirely sure how FNFs are decided.

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Oh ok, that would be cool that it has to many people and Dan is there.

So if I make my event on a Friday but not at the time Dan makes his stream, I could get atc ig

The stream times vary, but you would have a better chance getting ATC on a different day. Having an event on a Friday makes it a luck of the draw situation, but I’ve seen many successful events without ATC presence.

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Nice, I have done a couple successful events without ATC. But u sometimes end up with everyone in the event at the same Approach at one time, and half of the people crashing 🤣🤣

Shouldn’t be that big of a problem since the event that I’m staffing for you is on a Saturday. 😁

Yeh ik, I was just wondering

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