Fnf advanced controllers needed

Feel free to participate anytime during the start and stop times.
• Friday May 29th 2015
• Event Start Time - 7:30 PM GMT
• Event End Time - 1:30 AM GMT (May 30th)
• Region: Seattle / Portland
• Aircraft type: ANY
• Primary Round Trip Flight: Seattle KSEA & Portland KPDX
• Secondary Round Trip Flight: Portland Hillsboro KHIO & Snohomish KPAE

Please comment below if you’re available. Begin communicating with your fellow controllers so we can team up and ensure another successful event. Thanks for all that you do!


I’ll be glad to help out!

Overnight shift at the same time. But I think I can join between 1630-1830Z as approach control.

I’ll be flying for work, my apologies

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I’ll control the first hour.

I can do ksea approach