FNF - ABC Islands / A320 (Avianca Airlines)

Today I flew into the FNF Featured Route, departing from El Dorado International Airport, 🇨🇴 to Queen Beatrix International Airport, 🇦🇼 in my favourite Airbus A320 Avianca Airlines…!!

Flight Report

✈️⌚: 1:30 hrs

At Gate in SKBO

Taxing to Runway - Cockpit View

Line-up & Wait, Ready for take-off

Climbing after departure

Crusing @FL350

Moments before TOD

Beautiful Arrival into TNCA

At Gate in TNCA

Which Aircraft do you like the most? {A320 or B738}

Credits: @AirIndiavirtual

Thank you, much love & peace ✌️♥️


Beautiful photos!

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Thank you 😌 @Canadian_Aviator

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nothing beats airbus imo

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Which Aircraft do you like the most? {A320 or B738}

Both are impressive hard to choose one

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Thank you 😊 @Infinite_Pilot1 & @Airliner

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How your pictures are that good and have that high quality! I need your tricks and some tips ;)

Thank you @2.cvrlos 😊

So basically, to get a good picture, make sure your replay file is at the highest setting possible in the settings menu!

Click your favourite shots & edit it using any 3rd party apps for editing… While editing, i prefer to change the sharpness only (to keep the originality of the photo) and if needed i also change the saturation level.

PS: I am an amateur at photo editing stuff, so i use Snapseed (available on iOS & Android) on my phone for editing because its easy to use!
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Thank you so much @MAFiA

I’ll try everything you just said! <3

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All the best!! 😊

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