#FNF: A Friday sunset rotation from Hamburg to Palma

Welcome to one of my very rare #screenshots-and-videos topics. I am very glad you are here and I really hope you will enjoy it. I also would highly appreciate any kind of comment below!

Flight information

Expert Server flights from Hamburg to Palma de Mallorca and back today in the afternoon. Time altered in some of the pictures for better light conditions.

I have decided to not include any descriptions here as the pictures are mostly self-explaining, starting with landing and turnaround in Palma, followed by the flight back to Hamburg.


Nice! I really like the angles!


Welcome aboard


@Pingu: Thank you very much for your help and reply, the topic is now complete :)

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Fantastic shots! The first one looked real at first glance!


These are some of the best angles I’ve ever seen. Nice shots!

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Thank you very much!!

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While they are Rare, they are awesome! Great work!

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Thank you very much, really appreciated!!