FN60fps’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (Passed the practical)

I am open at KFAT

I’ll try to come in 30min if you’re still open

Ok, I will try to be open

Change of plans, I unfortunately won’t be there today, I hope to catch you open another time!

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Thanks for letting me know, so I don’t wait for you!

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I am open at PGUA!

Might come in a bit

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Heeey there! Glad I was finally able to catch a session with you since you’re always helping me out. :)

Feedback PGUA:

-Great Transition when I was coming into your airspace.

-Awesome on the left downwind pattern entry for 6L and then the clearence for the option-making left traffic.

-Your clearences after going back into the pattern are timed very well.

-The Runway change to 6R- I have a feeling you were looking for “Enter right Crosswind Rwy 6R”. Unfortunately, this control doesn’t exisist in the menu so instead just give “Enter right downwind 6R” and then follow up with the Landing/Option clearence. You gave me “Enter right Base Rwy 6R” which would be the leg prior to turning final.

-When you gave the landing/option clearence for 6R, you gave “make left traffic”. In your parallel runway sessions (2 Rwys only), Right Rwy will usually make right traffic and Left Rwy will usually make left traffic.

Good job out there! I’ve got you on “Watching” so I can help out when you’re open. :)

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Thanks for your feedback, I am glad we can help each other when either of us is open!

Sorry, but I have some feedback for you too!

In the second touch and go you missed your landing gears lol , Proofs?


🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s hilarious!! I swear to you they were down. Ghost gear

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Hey, everyone! I am now open at KIAD!

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So you decided to be brave today with KIAD! lol
I would have flown longer but work needed my attention.

-Great job on the transition and clearance to 1R with direction to make right traffic.
-Clearance for the option- Timing perfect as usual.

-I was watching how you handled the other two incoming aircraft.
Sequencing- Perfection
Clearance Timing- Perfection
-JetBlue 456 Heavy seems like they were struggling with your instructions almost causing conflict with ABRB001.
The “maintain slowest prac speed” was a good call since Jetblue 456 didn’t go into right downwind 1R properly.
You finally got JetBlue to make a 360 for spacing and then re-sequenced us.
Great job on the re-sequence AND the correction to it once you realized ABRB001 had crossed the RWY threshold! Of course, your clearances afterward were timed perfectly.
-Overall you handled this issue very well!

-RWY change to 1L with left traffic- Perfect! aannnddd hopefully you didn’t see my crazy half-crash landing on that RWY before I had to go lol.

It was a pleasure being in your airspace once again :) Keep up the good work!

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Thank you so much for coming today! Honestly wasn’t expecting you 😊

Luckily, I got to practice my sequencing today!

And no, I did not see your final landing lol, If I did l, I would have sent you some feedback on your landing performance too 😁 😁

~ Attention all aircraft, Washington Dulles tower is now closed good day!

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I am open at Tocumen International airport (MPTO)!

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Two sessions with you in one day? I’m on IF way too much lol!!

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True, I had fun though! Almost 2 hours is one airport lol

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Hey! I wasn’t able to attend your recent session but I would love to attend a future session. Feel free to tag me when you open next time. Thanks!


Sure I will, thanks!


Mexico 🇲🇽 Airport (MMMX) is now open from 2:35 to 3:30 PM EST!



Sorry, couldn’t attend the session. I was sleeping lol

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